Topband: dx window

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue Dec 30 20:17:07 EST 2003

This has been like listening to my friend Waldo on an endless loop tape.
Every single argument everyone has used is a repeat of arguments I've heard
since 1963. I mean EVERY argument and complaint. Windows, power, cheating in
contests, Lids, etc.

It's almost like the small minority of cranky old guys (now silent keys
mostly) who hated anyone else having a good time have been reincarnated on

Since it's almost 2004 and time is ticking away, I was hoping to see at
least someone say something nice to someone else and stop repeating the same
old arguments or worrying if someone else might just be having too much fun
with their radios.

Happy New Year, and I just want to say I hope everyone has a good time and
is happy in 2004.

Since I never look at who worked WAC in July, Who's Who on 160, or contest
scores (except AA1K's ARRL 160 score. Way to go Jon!) I wish everyone equal
wellness and fun no matter what particular harmless thing you like to do
with your radio.

73 Tom

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