Topband: Stew Perry

Barry N1EU n1eu at
Sun Dec 28 13:51:22 EST 2003

Appreciate the clarification of the status, or lack thereof, of the "dx 
window."  I promise that I didn't try to chase anyone off any frequency, 
except perhaps my cq freq if they got very close.

I was fortunate to quite recently acquire an FT-1000D, and just managed to 
get the W8JI keyclick mod (thanks Tom) installed right before the contest.  
I would appreciate any comments on the keying characteristics and tone of my 
tx signal.  To aid others who might want to implement this VERY easy mod, I 
took some photos and posted them on my Web site with mod info (credit to 
W8JI and K1ZM).  I also posted some fairly crude, but dramatic, before and 
after recordings of the keying.  The page can be accessed at

Grateful for all the q's last night/this morning, as well as the decent 
propagation we enjoyed.

73 & Happy 2K4,
Barry N1EU

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