Topband: Using RG-6 for 160m transmission purposes

Steve Ireland sire at
Wed Jul 2 18:03:23 EDT 2003


Down here in Western Australia, RG-11A 75 ohm cable seems virtually
unobtainable these days - and VERY expensive on the rare occasions when you
can get it.  However, RG-6 75 ohm triple- or quad-screened cable is cheap
and easy to come across, thanks to the growing number of cable TV

As a result, I am considering using RG-6 of this kind for an transmitting
antenna project, but would like to know about:

1. Its (typical) velocity factor (have you every tried asking a TV cable
supplier what the velocity factor of a particular TV cable is?...)

2. What sort of power it can typically handle (the cable may have to handle
something of a mismatch).

Any information direct to me would be much appreciated.

Vy 73,

Steve, VK6VZ 

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