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Bill Tippett btippett at
Thu Jul 3 15:25:18 EDT 2003

         Relative to the Orion discussion several days ago, here is
the info Scott W4PA promised.  Even if you don't have an Orion,
there is a lot of interesting info about how to use some of the
technology which may become more commonplace in future radios
from all manufacturers.

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

[Scott's E-mail is w4pa at (and replace "at" with @).]


A few days ago, I'd posted a message about optimizing AGC settings,
how to use the Orion's receivers for weak-signal DXing vs. contesting
vs. general operation - as apparently it was not understood how the
AGC worked, what filters should be used for different scenarios, etc.

With input from Doug Smith, I wrote a 5 page long document that is
now posted to the Ten-Tec website at
It's somewhat long - but I have made an effort to not go overboard on
the technical descriptions and to offer practical advice on
optimizing the receiver performance. Also included are some
examples, and examples of how setting up the receiver like other
previous HF transceivers probably isn't making the most effective use
of the radio's capabilities.

If you want to skip the document and just get the settings, a 'cheat
sheet' chart is at the top of the document. Set the radio, ignore
the descriptions. I assume this document will be fodder for
discussion and I'll be happy to discuss it here and perhaps add and
improve on the document as time passes, if warranted.

We've been getting a lot of good feedback on the AGC performance and
other aspects of the radio from people whose opinions we value, like
ON4UN, and are continuing to explore making the radio even better
than it already is. We've done quite a bit of experimentation with
the fixed AGC settings based on this over the past week or so and
probably will make some small changes to those in the near future.
Other aspects of the radio will continue to change as well,
guaranteed, as we continue to receive suggestions from the hams
at large.

Please keep those cards and letters coming, so to speak.

Scott Robbins, W4PA
Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec, Inc.

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