Topband: Orion receiver optimization doc

Doug Waller NX4D at
Thu Jul 3 19:39:07 EDT 2003

> A few days ago, I'd posted a message about optimizing AGC settings,
> how to use the Orion's receivers for weak-signal DXing vs. contesting
> vs. general operation - as apparently it was not understood how the
> AGC worked, what filters should be used for different scenarios, etc.

Just read the "optimal uses of orion..." info and, for weak signal reception
this is what I understand:

Dont use the NR---can not tell weak sig from noise, and takes the weak sig

Dont use the AGC---as it hangs on the most recent noise peaks, covering the
weak sig.

Dont use the narrow roofing filter setting---like all narrow filters, it
adds attenuation, killing the weak sig.

Apparently the Orion was designed for contesting, which is fine.  But when
do the weak sig topbanders get a break in this scenario?

73, Doug / NX4D

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