Topband: W0AH/B heard on 1802.75, moves back to 1695.1 KHz as "AH"

Sun Jul 13 15:50:08 EDT 2003

I'm amazed that the W0AH/B (running less than 10 mw out, ERP) was heard last night in the QRN-
1) in Colorado Springs (about 20 miles) by W0RW at 2116 local. I myself listened for it mobile yesterday on the way to the Colo Springs airport using a 10M whip and lost it at about 10 miles.  Paul, W0RW, is an experienced member of the MedFER/LowFER fraternity.
2) last night by W7LR in Montana, S7, on his South American beverage and S1 on his vertical.  Bob copied the 10 mw 160M W0AH/B regularly last September and was one of the few to copy it at 1 mw ERP output beacon!
I've added some more wire to the MedFER vertical tophat, and the beacon will return to 1695.1 KHz between several 5KW and 10KW commercial stations on 1690 KHz and 1700 KHz.  With 100 mw to the antenna, the signal will only be a few db down from last nights 160M beacon.  Paul, W0RW, is the only one beyond my home town to have copied the 1695 KHz Medfer beacon (last September) so here's a challenge to try to copy it the next week or so.  It identifies as "AH" at about 6 WPM CW.  It will go to QRSS mode in about a week.  
Doug W0AH   ex W2CRS WB2LNA K1UGQ W3IFA KN8BAJ  Woodland Park CO DM78lx

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