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Dear Gale, etc.,

I have a pair of tree mounted pennant antennas phased in parallel:  I found
ways to get them in a vertical plane with bent or skewed trees:
Install medium sized screw eyes in the tree or branches above and below the
two front corners, or tie clove hitches, preferably with an extra wrap or
two, if the pull is not directly off the face of the knot.  These tie points
should be at a steeper angle than the 13+ degree slope from the front
corners to the load point at the back of the pennant.  In my case I made the
anchor points at 5 feet and 23 feet for a pennant with corners at 7 and 21
feet elevation, and adjusted the tie ropes to plumb the vertical wire with
feed point.
I have not seen much of a problem with the vertical wire slightly out of
plumb in any direction.
Good luck,
George    K8GG

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> I'm considering a PENNANT (one or more) to improve the
> lowband RX capabilities here. A short BEV and a EWE
> were mediocre at best. To keep it as far as possible
> from the TX vertical and the tower, I would need to
> mount it on/in trees. This might end up with the
> PENNENT shape somewhat distorted due to the
> availability of good tie-off points. They are usually
> never where you want them! I've modeled the PENNENT
> and distorted the shape a little with no real change
> in pattern. Living in the real world however, I'm
> wondering if anyone has done a similar tree mounting
> of a PENNENT or FLAG and ended up with favorable
> results. Any info appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Stew K3ND
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