Larry Burke WI5A burkelj at
Thu Jul 17 22:47:20 EDT 2003

> I'm considering a PENNANT (one or more) to improve the lowband RX 
> capabilities here. ...I would need to mount it on/in trees. 
> Cheers,
> Stew K3ND
- snip -

You've probably thought of this, but it's worth a mention.... As with
other tree-mounted wire antennas, one needs to consider potential
movement of the tree in windstorms. This is particularly true for trees
like pines that can be tall and flexible. I lost a couple of pennants
this way, then started incorporating bungee cords in the support
mechanisms and significantly reduced this type of problem. There are
other ways around this as well (pulley and weight, etc). 

Larry Wi5A

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