Topband: Re: Weak Signal Reception (EME view)

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Fri Jul 18 14:20:32 EDT 2003

Please forgive the bandwidth, but I always feel compelled to rebut the

Bill, W4ZV wrote:

"What do I feel is the most valid 160 receiver test around?  Very simple
answer...the CQ 160 CW Contest."
I have consistently said that my tests are for digging CW weak signals
out of the noise in a band with no strong signals nearby.  Contest
conditions are an entirely different story which I don't test for.

Regarding the 150 Hz BW of the 100 Hz Orion DSP filter with broad skirts,
that doesn't explain why it performed so miserably in my A/B tests.  It
was even worse than the FT-1000MP when using the MP's 500 Hz xtal filters
without the 60 Hz DSP filter activated.  Ten-Tec's so-called "white
paper" about the programmable AGC does not explain the Orion's extremely
poor weak sighal performance either.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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