Topband: Re: Weak Signal Reception (EME view)

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sun Jul 20 11:09:28 EDT 2003

Bill and All,

I agree with everything you said Bill (except CW bandwidth, hi hi). I
especially agree that Leif's weak signal work only applies to EME or VHF
use, not to typical 160 conditions.

> Orion*          101             +24
> K2                88               +1
> MP MkV    73            -5.2
> 756Pro2         76              -18.8
> *TenTec measurement, ARRL methodology, 1 kHz roofing filter
> and 500 Hz DSP selected.

The poor dynamic range of the FT1000MP MKV (like the very strong key clicks
in the MK V) is a result of Yaesu ignoring field feedback. I contacted Yaesu
several years ago, in great detail, about how the NB circuit in the 1000D
(and other Yaesu rigs) adds needless IM products. They took the worse of the
FT1000D and the MP and combined it to make the MKV.

Fortunately the MKV can be fixed, and IM3 DR will go up to about the level
of the K2.

73 Tom

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