Topband: Titanex

R wb6tza at
Sun Oct 12 19:28:42 EDT 2003

I am considering the purchase of a Titanex V-160E for an upcoming
DXpedition.  I have done some reading already, and would now like
to see what experiences folks have had.

1: Is there a problem hauling the antenna as excess airline
baggage with the 6+ ft length?

2: Is there any advantage in using their V-160AS tuner? (TX power
will be 1.5KW class)

3: I recall hearing about an extended length version - 112 or 118
ft? I don't see it on their site or WX0B

4: Has anyone successfully installed one on a building roof?
Like a hotel?

5: Is it as flexible as it seems, or is there significant risk of
bending or damaging the antenna during installation?

6: Has anyone used their SES-160 receiving array?

7: I presume the general rule of more radials are better applies.
Has anyone operated one with tuned radials or elevated radials?

8: Any observed interaction with a V-80 in proximity?

If I get a lot of useful info, Ill summarize and post.


Robin Critchell, WA6CDR
XZ1N, XZ0A and.......

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