Topband: 3Y0 Peter I - "A few Good Men!"

Bill Barr billn4nx at
Mon Oct 13 18:31:59 EDT 2003


       I was just over at Bob Allphin's ( K4UEE ) house this past week 
helping with antenna testing & packing in preparation for the January Dxpedition to 
Peter I.  I asked Bob how the recruitment of Team members was coming along. He 
said that they now have the necessary number of operators & skill makeup to 
meet their requirements, but he added that they would entertain the addition of 
a couple more operators. 
I think this would be a great opportunity for the right person! There are 
several criteria points that any possible recruit must meet.

FIRST, members must have good interpersonal skills and get along with other 
people. This team will be together almost 7 weeks and one person can make 
everyone else miserable. I know many of the existing team and I can assure you that 
they all meet this most important requirement. 

SECOND, they must be able to work in hard and difficult conditions. They 
must be in good physical shape and have some experience in camping 
conditions. Cold weather experience is a plus.

LASTLY, good operators who have experience handling large pileups are 
desired. Most of the current team are CW first, and SSB second. Several team members 
are also skilled in RTTY. 

The team will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina on Jan. 3, 2004 and return 
between Feb.10 and Feb 14. The cost for each team member is USD $15,000 with the 
possibility of getting some money back later. The payment schedule is: $7500 due 
when accepted to the team and $7500 due 30 days later. All team members must 
pay for their own transportation to/from Ushuaia, purchase Medical Evacuation 
Insurance (about $250) and provide their own clothing and personal items. The 
signing of several liability release forms will be required.
Unless you are known by the one of the current team members, two ham 
references attesting to your meeting the 3 criteria outlined above are required. 
I personally think that this is an adventure of a lifetime and I can't think 
of a better team to enjoy it with.
If you are interested please contact Bob Allphin directly at k4uee at . 

Bill N4NX 

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