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Jerry Muller k0tv at
Tue Oct 14 19:11:59 EDT 2003


First of all, a beverage is a non-resonant antenna, so the exact length 
doesn't matter. You should make it as long as possible.

I reccomend a two wire beverage or Steerable Wave Antenna instead. They 
really work well and since they're non-resonant, you can use them on 80 
and 40 too! When you add the second wire, the length doesn't change. The 
important thing about the two wire beverage is that you need to have the 
reflections off the ends be out of phase.

What happens when the length increases, the directivity increases. One 
very good text on the subject which is the best treatment of this type 
of antenna is the "Beverage Antenna Handbook" by Viktor Misek, W1WCR. 
Viktor is my neighbor in Hudson, NH and I've gotten some parts off him 
for the transformers for the SWAs described in his book.

My two wire beverages or SWAs are about 500 feet long and they work very 
well. I have two of them, one is NE/SW and the other is NW/SE. I'm 
thinking about adding an E/W antenna for VK/ZL/Africa. I wish they were 
longer, but they work great at the length they are.


Jerry, K0TV

RJ Mattson wrote:

>I have found numerous construction sources on google to erect a 160m Beverage but I am confused as to the correct length for one wavelength.
>Freq.= 1830 kHz.
>Height = 8 feet.
>Wire = One Insulated #16 stranded.
>Length = 1 wave (no more room)
>What length do I need in feet?
>How accurate do I need to be?
>If I convert it later to a two wire system, does the length change?
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