Topband: Transit of Venus

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Sky and Telescope magazine has put up the following page with more
information about the Venus transit, and how to observe it, along with a
number of live webcast sites where you can view the event online:

73 George W5VU

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> A slight decrease in the illumination of the ionosphere by the sun will
> occur on 8 June 2004 GMT.  Although this might not have a noticeable
> effect on propagation, it may be of interest to Topbanders.
> The planet Venus will transit across the face of the sun for the first
> time since 1882.  If the sun is above the horizon for you, you will be
> able to be an eye-witness to this rare event.  Venus will enter the
> eastern limb of the sun at about 0319Z and exit the western limb of the
> sun at about 1119Z.  Venus will appear as a black dot about 1/30 of the
> diameter of the sun as it passes in front it.
> The event will be visible in the morning in Britain and most of Europe
> and Africa, later in the day in the Middle East and across Russia and
> India, and later still in the Far East, where it will be visible just
> before sunset.
> Use the same precautions to protect your eyes and/or telescope (dark
> filters) as you would when viewing a solar eclipse.
> Will topband DX propagation on the nighttime side of the globe be
> enhanced during this six-hour period?
> 73, de Earl, K6SE
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