Topband: Tophat? Does it have to be at the top?

Cqtestk4xs at Cqtestk4xs at
Tue Jun 8 11:13:26 EDT 2004

If the "tophat" effectively isolates the section of tower or what have you
above it, then those folks matching towers with stacked beams are surely
loosing quite a bit of effective structure.

I have several 200-foot towers with lots of HF stacks.  I asked that question 
about a year ago when I was considering using them as verticals.  Almost 
unanimously, the replies were that it would not be an effective way to go.  The 
general consensus was that the first big antenna the tower saw, "would be the 
end of the line" as far as loading went.

Alternative methods for using stacked towers were suggested at that time and 
can be found in the archives.

Bill K4XS

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