Topband: ESP QSO's--new way of working?

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at
Tue Jun 22 18:52:03 EDT 2004

I've seen this happen numerous times, over the years.
Someone stateside sees the callsign of a dx station, and
calls, even though they can barely hear him....or has heard
part of a call....and he has no real idea WHAT the dx actually
heard and worked.

It happens on other bands, too, but not as often as top band,
because of the nature of signals and paths.  

ZL9CI was a good
example of that....they thought they'd worked me, and they were
good copy, but I didn't get a clear OK on the I
forced 'em to confirm the QSO again.  (tnx all for standing by
for that belt 'n suspenders routine...some of y'all are on here,

Funnily enough, I was in HRO San Diego the following Saturday 
talking with a guy, and he made mention of 'some east coast guy
who made the campbell island guys REPEAT the qso'.  Nice to know
there was a witness!

The reality is, there's no substitute for good rx antennas...and for
patience, persistence and social grace.  It's nice to see all of that
in good supply on 1.8.

jimjarvis at 

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