Topband: AY Technologies Remote Receiving Antenna Switch

Jeff Maass jmaass at
Sun May 9 21:42:09 EDT 2004

Gary Breed K9AY has completed his RAS-8x2 Remote Receiving
Antenna Switch product! You can see his specs and information 

This device allows the selection of each of 8 receive antennas
(Beverages, Pennants, Flags, K9AY loops, EWEs,  BOGs, etc.)
from two stations simultaneously, while keeping proper
impedance relationships to the receiver receive antenna inputs. 

It will be of particular interest to Multi-Single, Multi-2, 
Multi-Multi, or Single-Op-2-Radio (SO2R) contest stations,
where receive antennas are useful for 160, 80, and (sometimes)
40 meters.   It would also be of interest to a lowband DXer
with more than one receiver used to sort weak signals.

I  have one of the early production test / beta versions
here because I kept pushing on Gary to complete this 
product! I've been using something similar for 25 years
here, originally built by K1LT for the W8LT operations
in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest. 

I took some photos of the inside, which can bee seen

I expect that Gary will have one in the Array Solutions booth
at the Dayton Hamvention for inspection. 

This one will likely go down to the Signal Point PJ2T 
contest station before CQWW this year!


  Jeff Maass  K8ND

  Caribbean Contesting Consortium - PJ2T

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