Topband: AY Technologies Remote Receiving Antenna Switch

K9AY k9ay at
Mon May 10 01:19:25 EDT 2004

Jeff and fellow Topbanders,

I appreciate the publicity, and yes, it can be seen and discussed (and
bought) at the Array Solutions booth at Dayton.

I would like to get as much feedback as possible on everyone's RX antenna
switching needs. I know there a number of different approaches, and I expect
to leverage the basic design into at least 2 or 3 more configurations.

Do you use remote Beverage switching hubs or does everything "home run" to a
single point?  Do you have a mix of Beverages and other antennas (EWEs,
Pennants, K9AY Loops, etc.)?  What gain or filtering do you want?  Maybe
most important, how many receive antennas do you need to switch -- and into
how many radios?

See me at Dayton or reply direct to either k9ay at or
gary at

Thanks & 73,
Gary, K9AY


from Jeff, K8ND
> Gary Breed K9AY has completed his RAS-8x2 Remote Receiving
> Antenna Switch product! You can see his specs and information
> at:

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