Topband: S9SS Reprieve

charles Lewis s9ss160m at
Sun May 23 11:07:50 EDT 2004

My two year assignment as station manager of the IBB Sao Tome Transmitting Station (a.k.a. Voice of America) officially ended April 29.  I have just received the good news that my request for an extension has been granted, so my new official tour end date is April 29, 2005.  I think now there is a good chance I can get a second extension to take me into 2006, because after this first extension there will not be sufficient time for me to serve a full two year tour elsewhere.  I reach mandatory Foreign Service retirement age when I turn 65 on February 14, 2007.  It's even possible I might be given and additional part year extension and stay active on Top Band through December of 2006.
Maybe the declining sunspot numbers will perk the band up enough for me to hear some of those of you who have not yet been successful in breaking through my high QRN barrier.  As S92SS, my best receiving conditions were in my final year, 1996/1997.  That's when K1HTV finally managed to break through with his 100 watts.  BTW, I enjoyed a brief "eyeball" with Rich in his office at IBB headquarters in DC last week.
I had wonderful evening with W3YY and XYL in their home yesterday.  Bob has an enviable four acre hilltop QTH in the Virginia countryside for DXing.  He has logged me on nine bands with no skeds.
I am headed back to Sao Tome after two weeks in DC.  It was my first visit to our Washington headquarters since '97!
Charles - S9SS

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