Topband: diversity reception

Rudy Severns rudys at
Sun May 23 12:34:37 EDT 2004

For those who have access to a library which has the IRE proceedings
(an engineering college library for example) there are three classic
papers on diversity that are very informative and quite easy to

Proceedings of the IRE

1) Glaser and Wambeck, March 1951, pages 252-255
2) Wambeck and Ross, March 1951, pages 256-264
3) Glaser and Faber, December 1953, pages 1774-1778

These show what to expect from both space and polarization diversity
at HF.  There are of course many other papers but these should be
helpful.  The frequencies they were working with were above 160 m and
the ranges about 900 miles which is a bit short for us but still the
basic ideas are there.

73, Rudy N6LF

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