Topband: Receivers

w9ge finger at
Thu Nov 11 14:57:51 EST 2004

The r4c is a terrific receiver IF it has the sherwood 600 hz roofing 
filter(still available from Bob Sherwood I think), and/or the GUF-1 filter 
(still available from International radio) and certain other mods dependant 
on serial number.  A stock r4c is almost as good as an r4b. Without the 
roofing filters, I suspect you will be very disappointed in its top band 
performance.  One other nit, and that is tuning rate is super fast and it 
might be tough to get used to.

I had an R4C since new and sold it a year or so ago.  I had far more $$$ in 
the filters and mods than I did in the rx itself.  Today you are looking at 
more than $600 to upgrade a stock r4c for parts alone.  Since acquiring a 
Ten Tec Orion I have never looked back.  Still have my original t4xc and an 
r4b which are now relegated to back up status.  That r4c will look nice on 
the shelf as a collectors piece, but I would not consider it competitive 
class as is.  Sorry, I know we all want to relive our early years in ham 
radio, but we also want todays performance standards.  Good luck.  73 bob de 

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