Topband: antenna pattern

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Fri Dec 2 08:39:51 EST 2005

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> I'll be in the 160 meter contest with my brand new: up in the air(sort of) 
> 360' end feed/bent/slopping/cattycornered (and anything else it took to 
> get it up)
> semi-long wire made from 6 conductor telephone wire shorted at both ends.

Hey, Bob.

That is what it takes!!  First the desire, and then the effort to actually 
do something to get on the air on Topband.  It is the challenge of the low 
frequency, the vagaries of the propagation and the necessity of some sort of 
"big" antenna that draws most of us to 160 Meters.

I will be one of the operators at N7GP in Arizona and I know we will be 
looking to contact your station and every other station that has made the 
effort to "get on The Band" in some fashion.

73, and cu tonight.

Milt, N5IA

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