Topband: ARRL W7lr at
Tue Dec 6 17:59:40 EST 2005

I'm not an ARRL basher, but a member since 1937.  However there could  be 
some improvements.  One solution on their 160m contests is to do away  with them. 
 They are mainly WAS madness, cluttering the band with cq on and  on.  The 
ssb contest is especially poor.  Maybe a poor analogy is  removing dams from 
rivers, so the rivers can get back to what they used to be,  and the fish can 
swim upstream (or WAS can be achieved without a contest). 
On their "beacons" I think they serve a useful purpose, both as a beacon  and 
to send bulletins.  They should check the frequencies before firing  up.  The 
point that they are on 1817.5 every evening is valid, and if you  dont like 
qrm, then go elsewhere in the band - there is plenty of room (if there  isn't a 
contest!). Maybe they should qrt in one on their own contests? 
Flames?   73 Bob W7LR

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