Topband: ARRL

N1BUG paul at
Tue Dec 6 19:37:25 EST 2005

> On their "beacons" I think they serve a useful purpose, both as a beacon  and 
> to send bulletins.  They should check the frequencies before firing  up.  The 
> point that they are on 1817.5 every evening is valid, and if you  dont like 
> qrm, then go elsewhere in the band - there is plenty of room (if there  isn't a 
> contest!). 

I have to disagree, in part. Here in the northeast, on good 
propagation nights there is often a DX station every few hundred 
hertz from 1810 up to wherever the SSB totally takes over. 
Inevitably on a good night there are DX signals under W1AW. I missed 
at least 2 new ones this way last season. Evidently W1AW is not 
audible in parts of EU, AF, and AS so the DX stations may not 
realize it is there. Even if they do, where to go when the band is 
so full? I'm not saying I have a solution, only that contests are 
not the only time we are short on spectrum.

Paul N1BUG

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