Topband: Error in ARRL 160 contest rules?

Hardy Landskov n7rt at
Tue Dec 6 20:52:05 EST 2005

At 12:22 PM 12/6/05 -0800, Earl W Cunningham wrote:
>John, ON4UN brought up an interesting point about the ARRL 160m contest
>rules that state that W/VEs get 5 points for each DX QSO, but DX-to-DX
>QSOs are zero points.
In my opinion that rule needs to be eliminated. Or modified. This contest
needs more participation, even 1 point would do something, DX to DX. Why
not give DX stations 7 points for districts 6, 7, & 0?
I don't do ARRL anymore because not a lot of dx stations do it either as
far as I can tell. It's not gratifying.
73 N7RT

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