Topband: Error in ARRL 160 contest rules? herbs at
Tue Dec 6 22:51:29 EST 2005

Quoting Earl W Cunningham <k6se at>:

> John, ON4UN brought up an interesting point about the ARRL 160m contest
> rules that state that W/VEs get 5 points for each DX QSO, but DX-to-DX
> QSOs are zero points.
>  I'm sure that Herb, KV4FZ can clarify this.
> What say, Herb?  Is your QSO with ON4UN 5 points  or zero points?
Earl,  My contest logging program will not even let me log the xero point
ON4UN contact as it is considered a DX-DX contact and thus forbidden. He may
need it for a ARRL section but I logged it on the separate station log. It all
doesn't make much sense but a lot of the things they do at HQ don't make much
sense. IMHO whomever designed the Stew Perry Distance Chanllenge has a feel
for puting a great contest together. this is one that makes sense and gives
everybody a chance at something meaningfull.  The ARRL 160 is just a modified
SS for 160.  Why would any DX station care if he worked WCF or WTX?  Well it
must be gratifying to have 100 Euro's calling me the same time a 100 watt
inverted V station in North Dakota. The QRM is so severe I can only work a few
but that in my opinion is not what a contest makes.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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