Topband: Error in ARRL 160 contest rules?

on4ww on4ww at
Wed Dec 7 11:26:10 EST 2005

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From: <herbs at>
> Earl,  My contest logging program will not even let me log the xero point
> ON4UN contact as it is considered a DX-DX contact and thus forbidden. He 
> may

Pedro NP4A had the same problem. Reason being, his logging program 
CT10.02.008 indeed preventing him to log DX contacts.
I had a try with my CT9.92 version. That older version would have allowed 
him (and Herb) to log DX contacts. Not sure what reasoning behind the change 
from Ver9 to Ver10.

Ah well, once more point proven...never change a winning team.

Mark - on4ww. 

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