Topband: CQ WW CW and ARRL contest report

Ron vk3io vk3io at
Wed Dec 7 01:05:45 EST 2005

Hello all topbanders.

Unfortunately the CQ WW CW contest was pretty much a  wipe out, especially to NA, due to our summer storms.

As far as I could see on the weather map, all states here in VK had lightning activity for this weekend, so the noise level was terrible, even on 80.

The path to europe was better, but still difficult with the qrn level, with only a few contacts made.

I spent my time on all other bands and as usual for this time of the sun spot cycle, 40 mtetres was the best.

The ARRL weekend was good (but not great), no noise and many signals heard from NA at good signal levels, up to strenght 9, but no one could here me, so no contacts made. 

Not even the great receiving systems of W8JI and K9DX could hear me, not even a QRZ. They must have been beaming to JA land, or had their own noise problems, as they did not seem to be having many qso's while I was listening.

I did not sit around constantly calling, as it was obvious it was not going to happen for me this time, maybe there was some small window of openning, but it was not worth waiting for.

It seems like this season is going to be very bad for summer static, for all of VK.

Hopefully I will work a few in the Stew Perry or CQ 160 contests. 

Cheereo, from Ron.

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