Topband: DX Window

Ron Feutz feutz at
Wed Dec 7 08:20:47 EST 2005


Another 160 contest in the books and the usual debate over the window.

Item first: Those who say the window is silly or unneeded are just 
plain wrong.  With wall-to-wall CQ'ers, the window is the only 
realistic chance most stations have of getting some DX mults other 
than the Caribbean.  Here in the great white north, with the aurora 
cutting us off more often than not, it is frequently the only way an 
unassisted station can tell if EU is workable.

Item second:  Many US stations who are not 160 regulars don't know 
about the window.  There is nothing wrong with politely asking them 
to QSY and giving the reason.

Item last:  The window is for intercontinental QSO's only (rule 
6.1).   The lawyer contingent can parse this (suggestion) rule 
endlessly to justify various nonsense, but here is what it means:  NA 
stations shouldn't CQ there, and this includes most Caribbean 
stations.  The possible exceptions are field-day type operations or 
low power/QRP, especially from the more exotic islands further 
south.  Two 20 over signals from high power stations at nearby 
islands eat up half the window. Follow KV4FZ's example.

Now you know the revealed truth about the window, so no more 
discussion is necessary.  Do things this way and 160 contesting will be better.

73 Ron KK9K

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