Topband: DX Window

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Wed Dec 7 09:23:18 EST 2005

> Now you know the revealed truth about the window, so no more 
> discussion is necessary.  Do things this way and 160 contesting will be better.

But wait - this is the Internet!!!

So - here is my "question".

The window is 1830-1835 - right?  

When I look at the ARRL Bandplan - I see this:

1.830 - 1.840 CW, RTTY and other narrowband modes, Intercontinental QSO's only

The contest rules say this:

6.1. The segment 1.830 to 1.835 should be used for intercontinental QSOs only. 

Maybe Herb was right - the rules are wrong?  I typically don't answer USA/VE guys
CQing from 1835 to 1840 because of this.

73 Confused in Boring, Oregon - N6TR

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