Topband: DX Window & calling CQ

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Thu Dec 8 01:26:42 EST 2005

 To get the casual contesters, you have
> to be parked on a frequency for them to work you.

That is certainly true in my case.  I just do a little S+P for fun in this 
one, and if you're not there to "P" on, I won't find you!

Just out of interest, I did the same in CQWW the previous weekend, and it's 
amazing how prop changes.  In CQWW I called VY2ZM and he heard me first 
time, while AA1K never even gave me a QRZ.  In the ARRL, I didn't even hear 
Jeff to try a call, and Jon heard me first time.

73, Greg, ZL3IX 

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