Topband: DX Window & calling CQ

Craig Clark jcclark at
Wed Dec 7 15:06:48 EST 2005

Two thoughts re ARRL's 160 test :

1)	Talking about the DX Window on Topband Reflector is preaching to 
the choir. Unless specifically prohibited by the rules, you will 
always have domestic stations operating in the window.

2)	Calling CQ is the only way to win the contest IMHO.  Stations in 
the midwest have an advantage of their own and that is the sheer 
numbers of domestic Q's they can generate. Yes, East Coasters can 
offset this by the ability to work DX but since this is really a 
Sweeps style test, DX participation varies with propagation and that 
advantage may not materialize. To get the casual contesters, you have 
to be parked on a frequency for them to work you.

One thing that get's lost in the discussions is that contests are 
supposed to be fun. They are short lived and don't cause major 
disruptions to band usage.  They are predictable as we know when they 
are going to happen.  If you are not having fun, push the off button 
and do something else.


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