Topband: ARRL 160 test is just fine df2py at
Wed Dec 7 14:18:00 EST 2005

Hi reflectees !
A lot of things have been said about this nice piece of contest, i would like to post something positive about it.
For us over on the other side of the pond, the multitude of stations from all US call districts being active over long periods of time, are giving us deep insights into propagation on 160, at least in a descriptive manner. At the same time only very little EU-QRM is present, because almost everybody is doing S&P with US stations. This makes a nice quiet band and lot of opportunities for undisturbed propagation observations, which is the number one reason for most of us, sacrificing sleeping time to the "topband". And it is an excellent tool to find out about the worthiness of technical improvements to the setup and antennas and getting new incentives for future action. And this time the lords of propagation had been with us.Many of us in EU were able to log W6 and W7,VE5-7 stations in this contest, a thing we have been waiting for a long time.
good DX for everybody !   73 de wolf -df2py- 

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