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  While I'm on a roll putting up a new Beverage, I would like advice and
  comments from you Guru's out there. I was a city-dweller for many years, and
  I now have the chance to put up as many Beverages as I need. Lots of trees
  and briars to deal with, but a small price to pay.

  The new Beverage is 605 feet long (ladder-line) at a height of 6 feet above
  the ground. The soil here in E. TX is about one foot of top soil (fine sand)
  and then clay heavily laden with bright red iron ore. There are a total of
  four ground rods, three at the far end, and one at the feed point. The RG-6
  is buried the first 15 feet, and then passes through a choke which has its
  own ground rod 5 inches away. I can reverse direction by passing 12 volts
  through the RG-6. It seems to work great; better than anything I have had up
  here, but is there room for improvement? 

  From here on out, the improvement will be very incremental. The best bet ... other directions ... 
  jOHN k9dx

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