Topband: ARRL contest 160m

Wolfgang Wessely Wessely at
Thu Dec 8 13:19:30 EST 2005

Hi topbanders,
fully agree with G3ZES and DF2PY - let me describe another review of the
situation from our European side:

Very early, I got up at the crack of dawn to catch some new states on
topband and to make some QSOs in the contest. Was on from our clubstn
DL0AO after 2:30z (03:30 local). First, had to search the Beverage-wire in
the snow with the help of my automobile headlight. Then was really glad to
hear a lot of US/VE-stns around with good sigs - but wonder did not come
through... Wrote down a lot of calls, but could not work them. Thought
first, something is wrong - checked everything agn and agn, but
fortunately could observe some other EUs, who had the same problems.

Apparently, band was extremely full on the other side, possibly clicks and
of course big sigs, because normally it is no problem for me to make it
into Eastcoast, middle and VE3. Sunday morning nearly the same situation.
Lot of US/VE, but... BTW, to bring K9DX into the log I had to wait until
Sunday just before the band closed.

Before saturdays/sundays SR, apparently sometimes I had a good frequency
for ‘CQ’ and several of those called in, I could not reach before...
Finally, I had several QSO in the log, including MO, NEB, MS. BTW, heard
K7CA and W7LR, but could not reach them but know, for those contacts we
would need appropriate condx on topband. TNX to everybody, who called in
and/or was listening over to DX in that _domestic_ contest.

Regards, Wolfgang – DJ3TF

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