Topband: DX Engineering 4 SQ Rcving System- DXE-RFS-1

John Allen Bonck margeal at
Thu Dec 8 15:35:37 EST 2005

           Greetings Topbanders,  
                I installed a DX Engineering 4 SQ antenna system ( DXE-RFS-1) and wanted to give you my opinion on 
                its performance. I'm spaced limited here in VA and have been using an amplified,rotatable loop and some
                short, loaded beverages. They all "hear" but leave much to be desired. This 4 sq system has really met my
                needs.The directional characteristics are really impressive. With the array switched to the desirable receiving
                direction, signals in the other 3 quadrants are attenuated to a level such that, you can hear them in the back-
                ground but they are not of an undesireable QRM level. If you hear your call from another quadrant, just switch
                direction and the signals come right up, the phase shift networks really work great. This system was a great
                improvement for me in the last 160 Test , Dec. 2-4. If I worked 50 to 55 sections (W/VE), i  was doing well.
                With this system I worked 76 sections, didn't hear AK,NT,NB,or SDG. As far as DX goes, in the NE position,
                DF2PY called, i  worked him, no problem, also G3,OK1RF, ON4UN, & LA, without a lot of struggle.Carribbean
                signals were much more copyable cause the stateside QRM was suppressed from the other quadrants.
                My antenna system is made up of 4-24ft monopoles, toploaded with 4-24 ft wire each and 4-16ft radials on
                each monopole. The  array dimensions are 70 ft on side, a bit minimal for 160 but that was all the room I
                had. This antenna has greatly improved my receiving situation for 160. It's a system worth considering if
                you don't have room for full size beverages. The directional switching capabilites are great. I'll try to answer
                question about the system--my e-mail is--margeal at
                 73 to all ,  AL N3JB

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