Topband: 1820.4 Help needed MA and NH

Bernie McClenny, W3UR dailydx at
Fri Dec 9 20:41:20 EST 2005

Based on what I have heard and read the carrier on 1820.4 seems to be as

W1JR - Amherst, NH - Southeast
W1ZT - Beverly, MA - Northwest
W1FV - Maynard, MA - Northeast to North

Is there anyone on the reflector in the northeast part of Middlesex County,
MA (near Lowell) or the western part of Essex County, MA (near Lawrence) or
even the southeast corner of Hillsboro County, NH (near Pelham)?  If so what
direction are you hearing this carrier?

My guess is (and I hate to say it) maybe someone died and fell on their key?

Bernie McClenny, W3UR

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