Topband: 1820.4 Help needed MA and NH

on4ww on4ww at
Sat Dec 10 04:44:00 EST 2005

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From: "Bernie McClenny, W3UR" <dailydx at>
> Based on what I have heard and read the carrier on 1820.4 seems to be as
> follows:
> W1JR - Amherst, NH - Southeast
> W1ZT - Beverly, MA - Northwest
> W1FV - Maynard, MA - Northeast to North

East Coast signals were loud last night. Had a listen on 1820.4, the carrier 
was S7 on my inv-L.
Surely someone across the big pond will be tempted to have a 
weekend-mobile-direction-finding exercise ?

Mark - on4ww. 

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