Topband: 1820.4 Help needed MA and NH

John Kaufmann jkaufmann at
Sat Dec 10 15:32:14 EST 2005

W3UR wrote:

> Based on what I have heard and read the carrier on 1820.4 seems to be as
> follows:
> W1JR - Amherst, NH - Southeast
> W1ZT - Beverly, MA - Northwest
> W1FV - Maynard, MA - Northeast to North

> Is there anyone on the reflector in the northeast part of Middlesex
> MA (near Lowell) or the western part of Essex County, MA (near Lawrence)
> even the southeast corner of Hillsboro County, NH (near Pelham)?  If so
> direction are you hearing this carrier?

I've gathered a couple more reports from southern NH:

WA1Z (Windham, NH) reports a peak to the NW.
W1ZC (Mason, NH) reports a peak to the NE.

The carrier was S9+15 dB at 2 pm local time this afternoon with an
absolutely steady signal strength (no QSB).  I took a reading on a simple DF
loop from my QTH (Maynard, MA) and got a heading of 355 +/-10 degrees.  My
earlier report with my Beverages pointed to a northerly direction.

Doing some triangulation from these various reports puts a "fix" around the
vicinity of Merrimack, NH or possibly Nashua, NH.  This location is
consistent, too, with readings from W8JI and from K1FK in northern ME.

73, John W1FV

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