Topband: Yaesu FT-980 Transceiver

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sat Dec 10 14:17:05 EST 2005

> Are there NO experts out there who might have the
wherewithall to get into some "...generic detail" as to
which specific stages in modern-day rigs need to be looked
at, and what step(s) should be taken to remedy them...? I
can handle myself reasonably well around most anything
radio-wise, but have come to the sad conclusion that
to-day's crop of key clickers need far more than mere RF
chokes & bypass capacitors at the key in order to "cleansed"
of clicks.

> Any & all comments/suggestions/help is solicited, and

Each radio type has to be handled on the basis of what that
radio is Eddy. Right now I'm working on a plug-in cure for
my FT1000MP MKV, and it might take me 20-40 hours to get it
going. I typically spend about five hours just looking at
different patches.

Sometimes something as simple as applying fixed ALC bias to
the radio will greatly reduce clicks!!

73 Tom

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