Topband: Boring Aurora Report

Tree tree at
Sat Dec 10 12:35:40 EST 2005

As Wolf indicated - some very disturbed conditions.  The band seemed to get
better and better as the aurora got worse.  Signals coming in from strange
directions - UT3UA from the southeast on 80 meters and many stations 
reporting the same on 160 meters.  

ZS1REC was coming through - but only for a short period of time, I assume
around his sunrise.  

5Z4DZ had a huge pileup, around, and just after his sunrise - but no copy
this far west. 

Best European signal was HB9CIP who showed up around 0645.  He was on 
1830 at first - which is a tough frequency in the USA due to AM
broadcast carriers.  He was much easier to copy after QSYing down the
band a bit.  Wolf had a pretty good signal as well - although none of
the Europeans were too strong.  

Good LP opening on 80 - but the ZL beacons were not coming in on 160
today.  Worked UT3UA both SP and LP last night on 80.  SP means skew
path this time!

Going to try and string a new beverage towards JA for the Stew Perry
contest.  Hope to see lots of activity next weekend and hopefully
some good openings for our DX friends like VK6VZ.  

73 Tree N6TR/7

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