Topband: Dirty Harry and the DX window

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Sat Dec 10 20:14:15 EST 2005

ON4WW said:

>Well said, Steve. I agree the DX-window should only be for DX...with DX 
>meaning a country/zone/region where only less than a handful of people are 
>active/licensed. Something like that.


Thanks for all on the reflector who emailed me in support of my comments 
about the danger of DX stations outside the main populations centres in the 
northern hemisphere giving up on operating in 160m contests.

Those doubters should be aware that half of the emails I received were from 
DX stations who are frustrated with the current situation.

There is only one way to make a DX window work in a 160m contest and that 
is the 'Dirty Harry'  solution.

1.  Make a rule about who can operate in the DX window and back it up 
ruthlessly, without fear or favour.

The rule is that the DX window is only for stations outside of continental 
Europe or North America - period.  Anyone who is reported operating in the 
window from these places by Dirty Harry's team is automatically 
disqualified, with no right of appeal.

A couple of 'Dirty Harrys' are appointed annually in Europe and the USA 
anonymously by the contest organisers, along with a couple in the southern 
hemisphere.  I am very happy to be a prototype!

No one will know where Harry is and who he is (oops!), just that he (and 
she and he) are out there.

C'mon punk, make my day.

Merry Christmas to all (and by the way, I am deadly serious).

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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