Topband: ZL Beacon/Digi ?

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Sun Dec 11 04:05:31 EST 2005

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From: "Steve Flood" <flood at>
> I've read many posts since I've been on this mail list about the "ZL Digi" 
> or "ZL Beacon".  Anyone care to explain what this/these are, and what 
> frequencies?  When I can hear VK and ZL ops, I do not ever recall coming 
> across a beacon.  Is there a .wav recording of it somewhere?
> Thanks, Steve KK7UV

Greg ZL3IX was so kind to send me a .wav recoring of the digi sound.
Frequency is 1818kHz (or 1818.2 ? someone pse give correct freq.), recording 
is done in cw mode.
Here are two temporary links, pse download the file if interested : or

Mark - on4ww. 

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