Topband: More on Dirty Harry and the DX window

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Sun Dec 11 04:31:49 EST 2005


The responses to my email have been quite interesting,  Firstly I should 
say that I am (more than) half serious and should probably explain a bit more.

In radio contests, almost no one ever gets disqualified for bad behaviour 
despite there being rules against bad behaviour - which is hopeless as 
consequently the people who break the rules don't respect them.

In mainstream amateur and professional sports, people break the rules 
(sometimes accidentally) and (still) get disqualified.  This is regarded as 
an occupational hazard.  Getting disqualified (of course) doesn't 
necessarily mean that the disqualifee is a bad person - they just broke the 
rules and got 'pinged' /disqualified for it.  End of story.

Let's both give the rules some teeth - and not regard disqualification as 
such a heinous crime.  At worst, some of those who operate in the DX window 
when they shouldn't commit a 'professional foul' (in mainstream sport 
terms).   We can still like them and respect them,  but they should be 
penalised so that they take care not to do it again next year.

I guess sometimes you just have to put your trust in someone as a 
cop/referee - of course, it would be up to individual contest organisers to 
decide who they want as their enforcers (sorry, referees!) - it is their 

I guess it comes down to treating contests in a similar manner to 
mainstream sports - and think this is worth a try.  However, it would take 
a big change in attitude towards how disqualification is regarded, both by 
participants and organisers, of amateur radio contests.

Merry Christmas to all on the reflector.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ 

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