Topband: More on Dirty Harry and the DX window

Barry Gross barry.n1eu at
Sun Dec 11 08:42:53 EST 2005

On 12/11/05, Steve Ireland <vk6vz at> wrote:
> Let's both give the rules some teeth - and not regard disqualification as
> such a heinous crime.  At worst, some of those who operate in the DX
> window
> when they shouldn't commit a 'professional foul' (in mainstream sport
> terms).   We can still like them and respect them,  but they should be
> penalised so that they take care not to do it again next year.

I would support such an approach - a noble gesture to save radio contests
from the law of the jungle.  In fact, I would expand it to disallow hams
with wide spurious tx signals (spec TBD) from calling cq.

Barry N1EU

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