Topband: ZL Beacon/Digi ?

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Hello Steve

The beacon concerned is a commercial radionavigation beacon located 
at the lower
end of the North Island, on Tinakori Hill in Wellington city. I have been told
that the beacon provides a GPS differential correction service for maritime
vessels in the Wellington region.

The beacon is licensed for a 500 Hz bandwidth centred on 1.818500 MHz and a
radiated power of up to 100W eirp.

The beacon is extremely loud in and around Wellington city. At ZL6QH the beacon
peaks 50 or 60 dB over S9 (on FT1000MP S meter) and wipes out the 160m amateur
band for a couple of kHz on each side of the carrier frequency. So it is
generally difficult to hear any DX in the range 1.816 to 1.821 MHz.

I don't have a .wav recording handy but could arrange one in due course.


Brian ZL1AZE

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