Topband: Hazards with dirty Harry df2py at
Sun Dec 11 07:03:00 EST 2005

Hi reflectees !
I guess the thought about doing some policing the frequencies, after there is agreement on how to use the spectrum( e.g "DX-window) is generally OK. BUT ! - as we are more or less all using CW, it is all too easy to "mimic" a call and use that bootlegged call to get the holder a bad reputation, just a single mis-using in the above mentioned window in a contest, would kick that innocent guy down the stairs. We had the same with the "black list" of DX peds in the 70s and 80s, You never know if You hit the right guy. Here in Europe it happens all too often that calls are bootlegged ( happens to me too) and many people are not able to know the difference between a pirated call and the real station. To make a long story short, in CW mode the identification is not easy and "punishment" based on that bears the hazards of real unjustice.
good dx everybody     de wolf 

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