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> If people want a contest that encourages DX, then let's make
> a new contest like the Stew Perry and add a restriction that
> only contacts over 3000 miles count. Use the distance from
> Boston to LA as a guideline. That's stop Europe to Europe
> and USA to USA and prevent people from parking just outside
> a border to an area rich in multipliers and contacts.
> 73 Tom

Excellent idea, Tom.  Continue the current Stew Perry Distance Challenge 
(SPDC) as is and add a late winter (March Equinox or there abouts?) 
companion contest with the additional rule you propose.   Name it SPDxC. 
Make the minimum distance for points 3,000 km (~6 Grid squares)instead of 
miles.  Let everyone work everyone for fun and other awards, but the scoring 
software simply omits those that are not up to minimum distance for points. 
I LIKE IT!!!   Boring Amateur Radio Club; are you ready to handle another 

Mis dos centavos, de Milt, N5IA 

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