Topband: strange echos

Ian Keyser ian.keyser at
Sun Dec 11 16:56:24 EST 2005

At 2200 last night in Dover, England, I was calling CQ on about 1820KHz
switching between vertical and dipole on successive calls

On the dipole round the world echoes were noticed .... these were short
delay just hovering on the ends of the dits.

10 mins later with the key set at about 18ewpm and sending dots there were
complete dots in the spaces making it sound like it was regular spaced dots
at 36wpm.

This lasted for about half an hour and then ended sharply.

I thought it might be echos going round twice, but the close in to the dits
return was not longer audible.

This was also observed on my signal by another local amateur in
Dover.............any ideas!

Ian, G3ROO

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