Topband: Topband DX window

Jim & Carolyn Kingsbury kingsburys at
Sun Dec 11 19:53:58 EST 2005

If you really want to keep the dx in the contest and level the playing 
field, my auggestions are:  1. Establish 2 DX windows 1 at 1830 - 1835 as a 
DX Xmit window and another at 1840 - 1845 as a DX Receive window and each dx 
station must listen up exactly 10 khz.  2. Any non-dx station calling cq in 
the DX Xmit window or ANY station calling cq in the DX Receive window should 
suffer a point reduction in their score (ignorance of the rules is no 
excuse).  Also I would consider that a DX station can only transmit in the 
DX Xmit window during the 1 hour starting at 45 minutes before and ending at 
15 minutes after his local sunrise or 15 minutes before and 45 minutes after 
his local sunset.  Yes it costs 5 khz of band space, but nothing worth while 
come for free!!

Just a thought!!

73 Jim NW6S 

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